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Shishir Chundawat

Shishir Chundawat

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Office: 3815 Technology Boulevard, Suite 1045, Lansing, MI 48910

About Dr. Chundawat

Dr. Chundawat is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Michigan State University (MSU). He works with a large-team of inter-disciplinary researchers at the Department of Energy Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (DOE-GLBRC) to transform lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals in a sustainable & economically feasible manner.

He received his bachelor's degree (with distinction) in chemical technology (specialization in Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology) from the Institute of Chemical Technology or ICT (Mumbai, India) in 2004. ICT was formerly known as Mumbai University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT). Dr. Chundawat received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering under the supervision of Professor Bruce Dale at Michigan State University in 2009.

His doctoral work has provided significant insights to the mechanism of ammonia based biomass treatments that have facilitated the development and scale-up of the Ammonia Fiber Expansion (AFEX) process at MSU. In particular, he specialized in detailed characterization of pretreated plant cell walls using multi-scale imaging, spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques in addition to the development of high-throughput analytical methods to facilitate biomass conversion. In recent times, he has shifted his focus on investigating the molecular basis for cellulose recalcitrance and how it can be overcome by restructuring its hydrogen-bond network. In collaboration with his colleagues at BCRL, this work has led to the development of novel ammonia pretreatments that can selectively rewire the cellulose hydrogen-bond network while simultaneously extracting pristine lignin suitable for conversion to value-added chemicals and materials.

Research Interests:

  • Lignocellulose Deconstruction to Fuels, Chemicals & Materials via Catalysis/Biocatalysis
  • Supramolecular Organization & Chemistry of Biopolymers
  • Cellulases/Cellulosomes Protein Structure & Function
  • Characterization of Ammonia Based Thermochemical Processes
  • Integrated Catalytic & Biocatalytic Biorefinery Unit Operations
  • Oleochemical Chemistry and Technology

Recent Publications:

  • Chundawat SPS*, Bellesia G, Uppugundla N, Sousa L, Gao D, Cheh A, Agarwal U, Bianchetti C, Phillips G, Langan P, Balan V, Gnanakaran S*, Dale BE. Restructuring the crystalline cellulose hydrogen bond network enhances its depolymerization rate. Journal of American Chemical Society 2011, 133, 11163-11174.
  • Parthasarathi R, Bellesia G, Chundawat SPS, Dale BE, Langan P, Gnanakaran S*. New insights into hydrogen bonding and stacking interactions in cellulose. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011, 115 (49), 14191-14202.
  • Chundawat SPS*, Beckham GT*, Himmel ME, Dale BE. Deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass to fuels and chemicals. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2011, 2, 121-145.
  • Bellesia G, Chundawat SPS, Langan P, Dale BE, Gnanakaran S*. Probing the Early Events Associated with Liquid Ammonia Pretreatment of Native Crystalline Cellulose. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2011, 115, 9782–9788.
  • Chundawat SPS*, Lipton M*, Purvine S, Uppugundla N, Gao D, Balan V, Dale BE. Proteomics based compositional analysis of complex cellulase-hemicellulase mixtures. Journal of Proteome Research 2011, 10, 4365–4372.
  • Chundawat SPS*, Donohoe B, Sousa LdC, Elder T, Agarwal U, Lu F, Ralph J, Himmel M, Balan V, Dale BE. Multi-scale visualization and characterization of lignocellulosic plant cell wall deconstruction during thermochemical pretreatment. Energy and Environmental Science 2011, 4(3):973-984.
  • Chundawat SPS*, Vismeh R, Sharma L, Humpula J, Sousa L, Chambliss CK, Jones AD, Balan V, Dale BE: Multifaceted characterization of cell wall decomposition products formed during ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) and dilute-acid based pretreatments. Bioresource Technology 2010, 101: 8429-8438.
  • Gao D*, Chundawat SPS, Krishnan C, Balan V, Dale BE. Mixture optimization of six core glycosyl hydrolases for maximizing saccharification of ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX) pretreated corn stover. Bioresource Technology 2010, 101:2770-2781.
  • Chundawat SPS*, Balan V, Dale B. High-Throughput Microplate Technique for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2008; 99(6):1281-1294.
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