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MSU Researches Non-food Biofuel

BCRLThe State News recently featured the BCRL and its current work in creating alternative energy sources.  In the article, Dr. Dale discusses the benefits of cellulosic ethanol compared to ethanol produced from corn, and its predicted costs of production.

“The payoff from (cellulosic ethanol) is that there is a hundred more times of it than starch,” Dale said. “Another advantage is that it does not compete with food sources.”

Dale estimates that if produced in mass scale, cellulosic ethanol would cost around $3 per gallon.  Thats $1 more than the cost of producing the same amount of corn ethanol.

“The cost will come down a lot if we develop the supply chains,” Dale said. “We published a paper predicting with the right technology producing cellulosic ethanol would be about $1.50 a gallon.”

Read the entire article  on The State News Website

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